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The Prosocial Institute can evaluate and facilitate your groups to enhance performance, improve wellbeing and resolve conflict. This page features a few examples of recent projects. The Prosocial Institute can draw upon a global network of over 200 thoroughly trained facilitators to help improve shared identity and purpose, create more effective decision making, and enhance the performance of your team or organisation.

Understanding School Leader Wellbeing in Queensland

Together with Professor Phil Riley from Deakin University, the Prosocial Institute designed and facilitated  focus groups with school principals and deputy principals across the state of Queensland. Almost all of the recommendations arising from this work have been adopted by the Queensland Department of Education.


Paul worked with a large K-12 school in Sydney to help improve teacher wellbeing and cooperation. He used Prosocial to help structure the process. The school was so taken with the approach that they sent 14 teachers to a Prosocial facilitator training to continue improving cooperation within their classrooms.


Leadership in the Australian Public Service

Paul was called upon to design leadership programs for the most senior levels of the Australian Public Service.


Enhancing shared identity and purpose in a political party

Paul recently designed and conducted workshops within a major Australian political party to help align individual and collective purpose, as well as connect with strategic priorities.

Resolving Conflict in a Hospital

Paul conducted extensive training in communication and conflict resolution skills to teams within a major hospital, resulting in improvements in communication that translated into real changes in inpatient care.


Executive Coaching

Paul has coached dozens of middle and senior executives in for-profit, not-for-profit and government organisations to improve situational awareness, resilience, wellbeing, and effectiveness. 

The Prosocial Institute can also draw upon a global network of over 200 thoroughly trained facilitators to help improve shared identity and purpose, create more effective decision making and enhance the performance of your team or organization.

Kristen Hamling


"Not often do you encounter training that is so well balanced regarding theory and practice. Paul provided outstanding resources, answered all our questions in and out of training, and modelled the PROSOCIAL model in training itself. Also, as the training was international, we learnt such diverse applications for PROSOCIAL from people all around the world. Awesome training, cheers Paul!"

Stuart Libman

MD--Board Certified Child Psychiatrist and Medical Director of the PLEA School Based Partial Hospital Program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA --ACBS Peer Reviewed ACT Trainer

"The Introductory Prosocial Facilitators Class was highly informative in increasing my understanding of how Psychological Flexibility for individuals and the Core Design Principles for successful groups could lead to organizations operating more effectively and efficiently. In addition to the compassionate and insightful manner in which he taught the Prosocial content, Paul Atkins was masterful in modeling how to facilitate conducting the Prosocial process."

Marcel Harmon

Ph.D., P.E., WELL AP, LEED AP O+M, Research and Development Lead, BranchPattern

"I've been looking for a method to help implement Ostrom's core design principals in an effective manner for the design/construction key stakeholder groups I work with. Prosocial provides that method, and this course is a great introduction into using it."

Jodie Soracco

M. Ed, BCBA, Research Development & Evaluation, NV PBIS TA Center

"What an incredible course!  Dr. Atkins thoroughly taught and modeled the Prosocial process in a meaningful and digestible way. He skillfully set up the course so that attendees not only got to practice implementing the process, but also were able to experience it ourselves...priceless!"

Lisa Ferguson

"Dr. Paul Atkins impressively modeled prosocial collaboration and learning in the training, embodying the values of Prosocial in his entire approach. I feel much better prepared to support groups and coalitions in functioning skillfully to address staggering challenges such as climate breakdown."