The Mondragon Cooperative: CDP8 in action

By prosocial / June 13, 2020 /

The following is a case study describing some aspects of the worker-owned Mondragon cooperative ecosystem in the Basque region of Spain. Mondragon is a living, thriving example of a large network of organisations that perform highly complementary and cooperative functions. It is founded in strong social purposes illustrated by its tagline “Humanity at work” (CDP1),…

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Balancing personal and collective interests with Prosocial in the time of COVID-19

By prosocial / March 28, 2020 /

By A/Prof Paul Atkins Prosocial.World, The Prosocial Institute and The Australian National University   How is Coronavirus changing how you relate to the people around you? Even if you are not allowed to go outside, how is it changing how you think about the people you see on the news, those who care for you…

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