Using Prosocial to act effectively in the time of COVID-19

By prosocial / May 5, 2020 /

This post features two videos that have been very popular at the time of COVID-19. C19 has introduced all sorts of new challenges. Many of us have children at home or we are feeling isolated and unhappy about all that we cannot do. At the same time, new opportunities for learning and growth have opened…

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Prosocial for Human Happiness

By prosocial / April 11, 2020 /

This is a presentation by Paul Atkins to the World Happiness Festival March 18 2020. An edited transcript of the presentation follows the video.     Let’s begin with the assertion that our wellbeing is ultimately 100% determined by the quality of the relationships we have. We are social beings Every aspect of our being…

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Balancing personal and collective interests with Prosocial in the time of COVID-19

By prosocial / March 28, 2020 /

By A/Prof Paul Atkins Prosocial.World, The Prosocial Institute and The Australian National University   How is Coronavirus changing how you relate to the people around you? Even if you are not allowed to go outside, how is it changing how you think about the people you see on the news, those who care for you…

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6 ways to wellbeing

Six Ways To Wellbeing

By prosocial / October 29, 2019 /

There is good evidence that there are some key behaviours you can do to ensure your own wellbeing. Certainly when I work with clients with depression, this list is a manageably small set of ideas for things they can do to help reconnect with what matters. This work began with the “Five ways to wellbeing”…

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individual matrix

The Individual Matrix For PROSOCIAL

By prosocial / October 29, 2019 /

The individual matrix is described in detail in Polk, Schoendorff, Webster, and Olaz (2016) and there is also an excellent e-book available here so I will only offer an overview here. Essentially the matrix teaches people to make two discriminations between: a) toward and away behaviors and b) between behaviors that are ‘private’ – inside the…

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prosocial process

An Overview of the PROSOCIAL Process

By prosocial / April 3, 2019 /

Think about all the small groups to which you belong – work teams, community groups or clubs, even families.  Some groups get important things done in the world, way beyond what any individual could achieve alone, while also giving their members meaning, joy and satisfaction. Other groups seem to limp along, maybe putting up with…

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