using the science of cooperation to improve the groups you care about

About Prosocial Facilitation

The Prosocial Institute is the training arm of the global Prosocial.World initiative. We train people around the world to be Prosocial Facilitators, and in Australia we provide high quality facilitation and evaluation services to organisations and civil society groups who want to improve their cooperation and effectiveness.


Your toolkit for finding shared purpose and building thriving groups

What makes The Prosocial Institute different?

The Prosocial Institute is unique in the way we take the basic sciences of cooperation and turn them into actionable tools that you can use to improve the groups that you care about - whether you are a school leader, a facilitator or just trying to help your team be more effective. We work at three levels to help make improvements from the ground up.

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Build Individual Awareness

1. Individuals

Clarify what matters most, build awareness around you, and help others commit to action.

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Create Cooperation Within Teams

2. Teams

Use the Nobel prize-winning principles of Elinor Ostrom to find shared purpose, make better decisions, and resolve conflicts.

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Create Cooperation Between Teams

3. Whole Systems

Work more effectively as a system, move past the unhelpful 'us' and 'them' dynamics and create cooperation at scale.


Paul has over 25 years of experience as a behavioral science researcher, consultant, coach and facilitator with hundreds of schools and organisations all over the globe. He has published widely on topics including mindfulness in organisations, leadership, school effectiveness, identity, conflict management, and communication.

His latest book, Prosocial has been described as a groundbreaking, comprehensive program for designing effective and socially equitable groups of all sizes- from businesses and social justice groups to global organizations.

What our students are saying

"Prosocial tools have allowed me to manage a very difficult conflict inside our company. Instead of the conflict damaging or ruining our company, it made us stronger and built better foundations."

Chloe Spoerry

CEO Hivisasa

"Dr. Paul Atkins impressively modeled prosocial collaboration and learning in the training, embodying the values of Prosocial in his entire approach. I feel much better prepared to support groups and coalitions in functioning skillfully to address staggering challenges such as climate breakdown"

Lisa Ferguson

Ph.D., Climate Compassion

"I have found both the process and the products of this course to be so very useful. Paul embodies being prosocial in how he shares his knowledge, showing participants how Prosocial feels on the way to understanding how it works.” 

Kirsten Peterson

Head, Australian Institute of Sport Performance Psychology

"This training provided us with a toolbox of effective strategies for enhancing interpersonal relationships and collaboration within and between groups at school. The matrix has the potential to transform not only thinking but communication, with the Core Design Principles providing a framework by which classes and staff teams can develop effective norms and processes."

Kerry Paxton

Director of Wellbeing K-12, Catholic Learning Community

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